How does America feel about healthcare?

Gallop recently released interesting polling data related to healthcare.

The first chart Gallop provided shows that historically most people believe the federal government has a responsibility to “make sure all Americans have healthcare coverage”. These numbers dropped with the signature ACA (“Obamacare”) legislation, due to smear campaigns or the law itself we cannot conclude. However, the percent of people who believe the federal government should ensure coverage is again on the rise.


Further down on the page linked above (first table), Gallop gives the numbers for how worried people are about the “availability and affordability” of healthcare. Interestingly, the percentage of people who are worried a “great deal” has trended downward from 2001.

In the following table, Gallop asked how satisfied people are with the “availability of affordable healthcare”. The percentage of “very dissatisfied” people (47%) peaked in 2006/2008 and has gone down ever since, by over 10 percentage points in some years (33% in 2013/2015).

These numbers are interesting, considering the rhetoric we hear from Washington DC. There is much more data on the page, so please take a look if you’re interested!


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