Tri-Cities Voter’s Guide — 2017 Primary

Indivisible WA-4 is pleased to announce its first publication of the Tri-Cities Voters Guide, for the 2017 primary elections in Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, and West Richland, WA.

Primary ballots will be mailed July 12, and must be returned by mail or to a ballot drop-box by August 1.

The purpose of this Voter’s Guide is to provide the public with a direct comparison of candidates’ responses to a series of general and local questions. The questions were developed by Indivisible WA-4, with input from other local individuals and groups, in an effort to reflect the values and concerns about our city councils, schools, ports and sheriffs common to most Tri-Citizens. The Voter Guide is meant to augment the information provided in the Benton County and Franklin County Voter Pamphlets, where candidates seldom address the same set of issues currently affecting our communities.

Efforts were made to ensure that all candidates were provided with an opportunity to participate in this Voters Guide including emailing questionnaires to all candidates, and following up in person or with phone calls. Indivisible WA-4 used the email and phone contacts provided by the candidates when they registered to run for office.

All candidate responses received by July 9, 2017, are included in this Guide.  Candidates’ answers have been copied and pasted into this Voters Guide exactly as written. Candidates’ experience and background statements were lightly edited to ensure consistent formatting.

Indivisible WA-4, a non-partisan group of Tri-Citizens ensuring constituents are heard, informed and represented at the federal, state and local level, is providing this Voter Guide as a public service. We encourage you to vote.

Indivisible WA-4 Tri-Cities Voters Guide – 2017 Primaries

Additional sources of information about 2017 primaries

Tri-Cities Candidate Forums for City Council

The League of Women Voters is hosting several public forums for the candidates for local city council races.

Richland- July 11th 6:00 at the Hapo Stage in John Dam Plaza

Kennewick- July 17th 6:00 at the library on Union

Pasco- July 19th 6:00 at the Police Training Facility

Washington Secretary of State

Elections and Voting information

Online Voter Registration

The deadline for online or mail registration for primary elections was July 3, but you can still register in person for the August primaries until July 24.

Benton County Auditor

Sample Ballot

Benton county Voters Guide

Franklin County Auditor

Franklin County Voters Guide


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